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The Cheapest rates of international calls from UK

Cheap International calls by Topup & Talk

Simply Text the letters TL to 80550 (standard network rates apply) and receive £5 credit to make International calls directly from your mobile phone at amazing rates! Topup & Talk!


TL to 80041 for £3;

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You will be charged only when you top up, no monthly charge or any other fees.

Step 1 - How to buy credit:

Text TL to 80550 & receive £5.00 credit to make International calls from your mobile.

Your mobile will be charged £5.00 plus your standard text charge & your account will be credited with the full £5.00 credit to call abroad.

Step 2 - How to make calls from your mobile or landline, or even a freephone:

You will receive two texts from us after you topup the credit. One is the confirm text, and the other is the instruction with your unique pin number. With your pin number, you can either call from your mobile phone or landline, or even a freephone.

From your mobile phone or landline

Dial 0207 124 6666 from your mobile or landline, when it is connected, you are requested to input your pin number followed by #. After your pin number is approved, just dial the International number followed by # (do NOT press 'call' after your International number if you are using a mobile phone)

Cost of calls to the 0207 124 6666 number can be used as part of your mobile/landline inclusive minutes or will be charged at your standard rate to a landline.

Step 3 - How to top-up your credit:

Simply Text the letters TL to 80550.

There are NO daily fees, no administration, subscription fees.

By using this service you consent to the Terms and Conditions as follows:

You must have a UK mobile and have the bill payer's permission before using our Topup & Talk. This is a reverse-billed text service, cost of text to 80550 will be charged at £5.00 plus your standard network text charge, and text to 80041 will be charged at £3.00 plus your standard network text charge. Topup & Talk can be used from the mobile number used for the subscription to our service or from another phone using a PIN. Calls to our 0207 access number will be charged by your service provider at their standard rate or included in your call package. If you don't use Topup & Talk to make a call or send a top up request within 90 days any unused Calling Credit will expire. Topup & Talk service is provided by New Call Telecommunications Ltd. For customer services please call 0844 552 8575.

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